Ray Atwood
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Arrange an introductory session.  It usually takes about a week to set this up.

There is a fixed charge of £40 for this first appointment (but this can be reduced to £25 if you are on low income or a student). Once we have met we can then:

  1. -Identify the area/s that you wish to look at.

- Arrange the regular day and time for weekly appointments. (There is some flexibility around this).

  1. -Decide an initial number of sessions (short or longer term)

  1. -Agree the fee per session (A standard charge of £40 normally applies but some concessionary spaces are available during the day).

The counselling room is on the Old High Street, Headington, Oxford OX3 9HT

Ring: 07765 363307

email me from here: enquiry@oxfordchristiancounsellor.com

I will send you more information and clear travel instructions once you have made contact.

Next step

If you would like to have an initial confidential and free conversation with me about anything that you are not sure about or for further information, then please ring or email me

If I am  not available I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you do not wish me to leave a message please let me know when you ring.

First step